What is kombucha?


It starts with fermentation – the ancient art form that can enrich a humble cup of tea into a probiotic and nutritive powerhouse like kombucha. 

We care deeply about the fermentation process and our heirloom culture of beneficial bacteria and yeast that does the real work of creating every single keg of Fermensch Kombucha.


Our process

We ferment our booch in the traditional method, allowing the organic cane sugar to be transformed into plenty of probioticsenzymesb-vitaminsand addictively tangy organic acids. It's why we say our booch is Yum For Your Tum!


Punch of flavor

Our passion for fresh, high-quality, seasonal produce is reflected in Southern Californian farmers markets. Our brewmaster selects only the tastiest fruits, veggies, and herbs to infuse our kombucha with flavor.

What makes us even better – we care about organic! Fermensch uses Certified Organic teas, sugar, herbs, and spices. By sourcing our fresh ingredients from local, organic farms, we are able to supply some of the most delicious handcrafted kombucha around.


Keg time!

Because of our unique kegging system, we can provide a refreshing and balanced kombucha that is perfectly bubbly for drinking on its own or mixing into cocktails and spritzers.


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